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The Ins and Outs of Craps: Odds and Strategies

Playing the craps game cannot be separated from the odds and strategies. The odds of craps will determine the chance for the player to win the game. The player is suggested to take the high odds in a craps game. The high odds will give higher chances and more benefits to the player. Besides, the higher odds come along with the low percentage of house edge normally. It will make the house edge get fewer advantages than the player.

Besides the odds, the player also needs to consider the strategy of playing craps. The strategy should be made wisely and consider all of the things so that the player can survive or win the game. The discussion of odds and strategies in craps will be quiet long. However, it can be simplified into some categories such as types of bets, betting variants, optimal betting, and systems.

The Types of Bets in Craps Game

Craps game is a game that has a lot of types of bet. The player can choose the bet based on his concern and strategy. However, choosing the type of bet judi online needs to consider the odds and house edge’s percentage so that he can get the best outcome. Generally, there are 5 groups of bets in craps such as Line Bets, Multi-roll Bets, Single-roll Bets, Player Bets, and Multiple Different Bets.

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The Line Bets consist of several types of bets such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Pass Odds, Don’t Pass Odds, Come Bet, and Don’t Come Bet. Meanwhile, the Multiple-roll Bets consist of Place, Buy, Lay, Put, Hard Way, and Big 6 and Big 8. Among those types of bets, Line Bets are often chosen in craps game due to the offering of high odds. Meanwhile, the most avoided bet is Big 6 and Big 8 since the percentage of house edge is quite high.

Betting Variants

Craps game also consists of some betting variants. The variants of the craps are different from one to another. It depends on the casino’s rule and the crap’s table. One example is the table with 11 as a point number. Commonly, the 11 is used as natural but some casino uses it as the point number. The second one is 12 pays 3:1 on the field. The third one is 11 pays 2:1 on the field. Meanwhile, the last one is Big 6/8 are unavailable.

Optimal Betting

The optimal betting strategy is made by choosing the best that offers high odds and a low percentage of the house edge. The optimal betting can be applied by using all of the types of bet that offers the lowest commission rate of the house edge toto88. It will produce such a great opportunity for the player to make money instead of losing money.

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Betting Systems of Craps Game

Just like casino game, the craps game also has some betting system that can be applied. The type of betting systems are Martingale System, Gambler’s Fallacy, and Dice Setting or Dice Control. The player chooses which system can be used as a good strategy.