Understanding Pai Gow Poker Glossary

Before indulging in a game of pai gow poker, it is essential for both seasoned or novice players to have a knowledge of the basic pai gow poker concepts. By doing so, the player will be able to appreciate the game of pai gow poker.

Abandon. The action of quitting on a hand or deal.

Action. A generic term used to identify the accumulated cost of bet within a certain period of time. Likewise, this is used to point to a player when he seems to be unknowing that it is already his turn.

Banker. This refers to a dealer or player designated to book the movement of competitors at the poker table at the duration of the game.

Bankroll. A word used to refer to a player’s allotted budget for a particular game of pai gow.

Basic Strategy. This refers to a method of playing used by a player to lower the edge of the house in the long run.

Bet Spread. The ratio between the lowest and highest bet size.

Card Counting. The activity of monitoring all cards that have been played since it was arranged.

Cash In. This is the point when the player quits the game and converts his chips into cash, either through the dealer or cashier.

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Complete Hand. A hand that contains all five cards. For example, flush, four-of-a-kind, straight, and others.

Comps. This refers to gifts used by casinos to encourage competitors to play a game ID88. Commonly, they may include free drinks, rooms, games, etc.

Dead Hand. In general, this refers to a legitimate hand that is no longer playable because of some impropriety or misplay. In pai gow, it denotes a seven-card deal that the player did not properly divide into the highest and second-highest hand respectively.

Fish. This is a term that refers to an individual involved in bad play or losing a considerable amount of money.

Flat Limit. This refers to a wager restriction that remains constant throughout several rounds.

Hand. The most superior cards that a player can keep.

Hit and Run. A player who engages in pai gow for a limited time, then quits the game after winning a hefty bankroll.

Kicker. This is a card used to determine which is the more superior of two identical hands.

Nickels. They are used to denote chips equivalent to a $5 denomination.

Nut. This is the set amount that a player chooses to win in a day.

Open Card. A card that is visible to all the players.

Pot. The chips, cash, or vouchers that pile up on the table due to the raises, calls, or antes that a player makes. The winner of the certain hand gets the pot.

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Push. This ensues when the dealer or player ends up with identical hands and the amount of money remains the same.

Quads. Four cards with identical number or face.

By learning the basic pai gow poker terms, a player can find a way to adjust his pai gow poker strategy. With online gambling sites, newcomers to the game can always look forward to pai gow poker tips.