Online Casino

Finding the Best Online Casino and Bonus

About Bonuses

To attract players to their sites, online casinos are offering bonuses that will basically add some amount to your first deposit. These bonuses are usually from 10% up to as high as 100% or more. Once you accept the bonus, you are required to reach a particular level of wagering action that can qualify you to cash out the offered bonus. Reading the terms and conditions carefully of the online casino bonus is very important before you make the deposit.

After you have opened an online casino account, it is advised that you wait for about 15 minutes or so for the online casino’s welcome e-mail for you. The reason is that sometimes, this welcome e-mail of online casinos contains different rules compared to that stated at their web sites with regards to earning the bonus. Whatever is said in the rules, it is best to exceed these online casino bonus rules. If you are required to play for at least 50% of the amount, then play for 100% and more to be secure.

There are online casinos that sometimes exercise their rights to reject bonuses to players that they feel are only playing because of the bonus and nothing more. Be suspicious also of online casinos that give you unsolicited bonus offers even if you have no account in them.

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About Finding the Right Online Casino

There are about 2,000 online casinos that you can choose from today and it may be somewhat confusing in choosing the best one for you. The following questions are to be considered to know that a particular online casino is the best for you.

  1. Does it have a sign-up bonus, and how much?
  2. Do the rules sound good to you? Because these rules usually vary from one game to another like video poker and blackjack.
  3. Does it have transaction fees, and how much?
  4. Does it have a phone number that you can call which is toll free? Can you reach them if you called that number or busy all the time?
  5. Is the online casino licensed, and who give the license?
  6. Can you find any details about the owner and operator of the online casino?
  7. With regards to the gaming software, who is the provider? Is the name known to be trusted or some mystery gaming software company?

A particular online casino may not provide good answers to all of these questions. It is a good idea to consider the entire gambling package of the online casino offered to you and please do use your best judgment all the time.

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